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What should the company do and why?




Vixrton Corporation. is trying to decide between the following two mutually exclusive projects;Year;0;1;2;3;Cash Flows;Project I;-$18,000;$8,500;$9,000;$9,500;Project II;-$12,000;$6,500;$6,000;$7,000;The only requirement the company has is that any project that is accepted must produce a minimum;rate of return of 11%.;Calculate payback period, discounted payback period, IRR and NPV, as well as any other measures;which would be helpful.;Fill in the following table with your results;Year;Payback (yrs.);Discounted Payback (yrs.);IRR;NPV;Project I;What should the company do and why?;Project II


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