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Madoff Research the alleged illegal and unethical activities




Please include an INTRODUCTION (Abstract), CONCLUSION, and a REFERENCES;PAGE (Minimum of 4 sources). DO NOT USE WIKIPEDIA as a research source.;Use plain English.;PLAGIARISM IS NOT ACCEPTED. Check your papers to correct and avoid plagiarism;at: You can look for this website at GOOGLE if;cant get access directly.;Assignment # 2 Bernard Lawrence "Bernie" Madoff;Research the alleged illegal and unethical activities of Bernard Lawrence "Bernie;Madoff, the former Chairman of the NASDAQ. You are to write a 4-7 page report;that answers the following: Please type the question followed by your answer to the;question.;QUESTION #1. Describe three types of illegal business behavior alleged against;Mr. Madoff and for each type of behavior, explain how the behavior is illegal or;unethical in the conduct of business.;QUESTION #2. Name three types of parties who were impacted by the actions of;Mr. Madoff and describe how they were impacted.;QUESTION #3. Describe three business safeguards (risk management) that may;have prevented the harm caused by Mr. Madoff.;QUESTION #4. Describe three ways private investors might have better protected;themselves from risk.;QUESTION #5. Describe three legal actions that possibly may be brought against;Mr. Madoff under criminal or civil law.;The format of the report is to be as follows: APA FORMAT;NOTE: You will be graded on the quality of your answers, the logic/organization of;the report, your language skills, and your writing skills.;The assignment will be graded using the following rubric;Professor Rachel, I expect to have a 40 EXEMPLARY on this assignment, please do;your 100% best.;Describe the legal environment of business, the;sources of American law, and the basis of authority;for government to regulate business.;Explain the basis of tort law and describe the;Outcomes Assessed;classification of torts.;Differentiate between civil law and criminal law;and describe the various classifications of crimes.;Use technology and information resources to;research issues in business law.;Grading Rubric for Assignment # 2 - Bernard Lawrence "Bernie" Madoff;0;20;30;40;Criteria;Unacceptable;Developing;Competent;Exemplary;1. Describe three;Did not complete the Described 1 of 3 types Described 2 of 3 types Described all 3 types;types of illegal;assignment or did not of illegal business;of illegal business;of illegal business;business behavior describe types of;behavior alleged;behavior alleged;behavior alleged;alleged allegations illegal business;against Mr. Madoff, against Mr. Madoff, against Mr. Madoff;against Mr. Madoff behavior alleged;explained partially;explained sufficiently explained fully how;and for each type against Mr. Madoff;how the behavior is how each behavior is each behavior is;of behavior, explain sufficiently, did not illegal or unethical in illegal or unethical in illegal or unethical in;how the behavior is explain sufficiently;the conduct of;the conduct of;the conduct of;illegal or unethical how the behavior is business with 60;business with 80;business with 90;in the conduct of illegal or unethical in 79% accuracy, insight, 89% accuracy, insight, 100% accuracy;business.;the conduct of;logic, and;logic, and;insight, logic, and;business, included;thoroughness.;thoroughness.;thoroughness.;irrelevant information.;0;20;30;40;Criteria;Unacceptable;Developing;Competent;Exemplary;2. Name three types Did not complete the Named 1 of 3 types of Named 2 of 3 types of Named all 3 types of;of parties who were assignment or did not parties who were;parties who were;parties who were;impacted by the;name the types of;impacted by the;impacted by the;impacted by the;actions of Mr.;parties who were;actions of Mr. Madoff, actions of Mr. Madoff, actions of Mr.;Madoff and;impacted by the;explained partially;explained sufficiently Madoff, explained;describe how they actions of Mr. Madoff, how the party was;how each party was fully how each party;were impacted.;did not describe;impacted with 60;impacted with 80;was impacted with 90;sufficiently how they 79% accuracy and;89% accuracy and;100% accuracy and;were impacted;thoroughness.;thoroughness.;thoroughness.;included irrelevant;information.;3. Describe three;Did not complete the Described 1 of the 3 Described 2 of the 3 Described all 3 of the;business safeguards assignment or did not business safeguards business safeguards business safeguards;(risk management) sufficiently describe (risk management) that (risk management) that (risk management);that may have;the business;may have prevented may have prevented that may have;prevented the harm safeguards (risk;the harm caused by;the harm caused by;prevented the harm;caused by Mr.;management) that may Mr. Madoff with 60 Mr. Madoff with 80 caused by Mr.;Madoff.;have prevented the;79% accuracy, insight, 89% accuracy, insight, Madoff with 90;harm caused by Mr. logic, and;logic, and;100% accuracy;Madoff, included;thoroughness.;thoroughness.;insight, logic, and;irrelevant information.;thoroughness.;4. Describe three;Did not complete the Described 1of the 3 Described 2 of the 3 Described all 3 of the;ways private;assignment or did not ways private investors ways private investors ways private;investors might;describe sufficiently might have better;might have better;investors might have;have better;the ways private;protected themselves protected themselves better protected;protected;investors might have from risk with 60;from risk with 80;themselves from risk;themselves from;better protected;79% accuracy, insight, 89% accuracy, insight, with 90 100%;risk.;themselves from risk, logic, and;logic, and;accuracy, insight;included irrelevant;thoroughness.;thoroughness.;logic, and;information.;thoroughness.;5. Describe three;Did not complete the Described 1of the 3 Described 2 of the 3 Described all 3of the;legal actions that assignment or did not legal actions that;legal actions that;legal actions that;possibly may be;describe sufficiently possibly may be;possibly may be;possibly may be;brought against;the legal actions that brought against Mr. brought against Mr. brought against Mr.;Mr. Madoff under possibly may be;Madoff under criminal Madoff under criminal Madoff under;criminal or civil;brought against Mr. or civil law with 60 or civil law with 80 criminal or civil law;law.;Madoff under criminal 79% accuracy, insight, 89% accuracy, insight, with 90 100%;or civil law, included logic, and;logic, and;accuracy, insight;irrelevant information. thoroughness.;thoroughness.;logic, and;thoroughness.;6. Clarity;Did not complete the Explanations generally Explanations generally Explanations very;assignment or;unclear and not well clear and/or organized. clear and well;explanations are;organized.;(Minor issues);organized.;unclear and not;(Many issues);(Added helpful;organized.;details.);(Major issues);7. Writing;Did not complete the Had 6 - 7 different;Had 4 - 5 different;Had 0 - 3 different;Grammar, sentence assignment or had 8 or errors in grammar;errors in grammar;errors in grammar;structure;more different errors sentence structure;sentence structure;sentence structure;paragraph;in grammar, sentence paragraph structure, paragraph structure, paragraph structure;structure, spelling, structure, paragraph spelling, punctuation, spelling, punctuation, spelling, punctuation;punctuation, APA structure, spelling;or APA usage. (Many or APA usage. (Minor or APA usage.;usage.;punctuation, or APA issues);issues);Criteria;0;Unacceptable;usage. (Major issues);20;Developing;30;Competent;40;Exemplary


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