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Coca-Cola. Students will read the case on Coca-Cola.




Type;Please include an INTRODUCTION (Abstract), CONCLUSION, and a;REFERENCES PAGE (Minimum of 4 sources). DO NOT USE WIKIPEDIA as;a research source.;Use plain English.;PLAGIARISM IS NOT ACCEPTED. Check your papers to correct and avoid;plagiarism at: You can look for this;website at GOOGLE if cant get access directly.;Assignment # 2 Case Chapter 14: Coca-Cola. Students will read the case on;Coca-Cola. Please see enclosed LETTER below at the end.;You are to write a 3-4 page report that answers the following questions: Please;type the question followed by your answer to the question.;QUESTION #1. What do you think is the most important emerging issue;in the design of work?;QUESTION #2. Discuss the most likely organizational design for CocaCola Company.;QUESTION #3. From a job design perspective, how would you;Interpret what these seven employees of The Coca-Cola Company says;about the secret ingredients that make their jobs so refreshing?;QUESTION #4. What information contained in the seven employees;comments about their jobs relates to the core job characteristics of skill;variety?;The format of the report is to be as follows: APA FORMAT;NOTE: One of the criteria that you will be graded on is the quality of your answers;the logic/organization of the report, your language skills, and your writing skills.;The assignment will be graded using the following rubric;Professor, I expect to have a 40 EXEMPLARY on this assignment, please do;your 100% best.;Examine traditional and contemporary;approaches to job design and organizational;structure and the related impact to;Outcomes Assessed;organizational performance.;Use technology and information resources to;research issues in strategic human resource;management.;Grading Rubric for Assignment # 2 Case: Coca-Cola;0;20;30;40;Unacceptable;Developing;Competent;Exemplary;Did not complete the Identified and;Identified and;Identified and;assignment or did not described the most described the most described the most;identify or describe important emerging important emerging important emerging;the most important issue in work design issue in work design issue in work design;emerging issue in;with 60 - 79%;with 80 - 89%;with 90 to 100%;work design.;accuracy but some of accuracy and most of accuracy and all;the discussion points the appropriate;appropriate;were inappropriate or information was;information was;omitted.;discussed.;identified and;discussed clearly;2- Discuss the most Did not complete the Discussed the most Discussed the most Discussed the most;likely;assignment or did not likely organizational likely organizational likely organizational;organizational discuss the most;design with 60 - 79% design with 80 - 89% design with 90 to;design for Coca- likely organizational accuracy but some of accuracy and most of 100% accuracy and;Cola.;design;the discussion points the appropriate;all appropriate;were inappropriate or information was;information was;omitted.;discussed.;identified and;discussed clearly;Criteria;1- Identify and;describe the most;important;emerging issue in;the design of;work.;0;20;30;40;Criteria;Unacceptable;Developing;Competent;Exemplary;3- Interpret the seven Did not complete the Interpreted the;Interpreted the;Interpreted the;employees;assignment or did not employees;employees;employees;comments about interpret the;comments from a job comments from a job comments from a;the secret;employees;design perspective design perspective job design;ingredients, from comments from a job with 60 - 79%;with 80 - 89%;perspective with 90;the job design;design perspective. accuracy but some of accuracy and most of to 100% accuracy;perspective.;the discussion points the appropriate;and all appropriate;were inappropriate or information was;information was;omitted.;discussed.;identified and;discussed clearly;4- Discuss the seven Did not complete the Discussed;Discussed;Discussed;employees;assignment or did not employees;employees;employees;comments and;discuss employees comments in relation comments in relation comments in;their relation to comments in relation to the core job;to the core job;relation to the core;the core job;to the core job;characteristic skill;characteristic skill;job characteristic;characteristic skill characteristic skill;variety with 60 - 79% variety with 80 - 89% skill variety with 90;variety.;variety.;accuracy but some of accuracy and most of to 100% accuracy;the discussion points the appropriate;and all appropriate;were inappropriate or information was;information was;omitted.;discussed.;identified and;discussed clearly;5- Clarity;Did not complete the Explanations;Explanations;Explanations very;assignment or;generally unclear and generally clear and/or clear and well;explanations are;not well organized. organized. (Minor;organized.;unclear and not;(Many issues);issues);(Added helpful;organized.;details.);(Major issues);6- Writing;Did not complete the Had 6 - 7 different Had 4 - 5 different Had 0 - 3 different;Grammar;assignment or had 8 errors in grammar, errors in grammar, errors in grammar;sentence;or more different;sentence structure, sentence structure, sentence structure;structure;errors in grammar, paragraph structure, paragraph structure, paragraph;paragraph;sentence structure, spelling, punctuation and spelling;structure, spelling;structure, spelling, paragraph structure, or APA usage. (Many punctuation, or APA punctuation, or APA;punctuation, or and spelling;issues);usage. (Minor issues) usage.;APA usage.;punctuation, or APA;usage. (Major issues);ORGB 2008;Case Assignment LETTER;CHAPTER 14;JOBS AND THE DESIGN OF WORK;[File contains 1 case with quiz];What Employees of The Coca-Cola Company Say About Their Jobs;The Coca-Cola Company, headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, produces approximately 400;beverage brands in over 200 nations around the world. It is the world's largest non-alcoholic;beverage company. In 2006, net operating revenue was just over $24 billion, up 4 percent from;the preceding year, and operating income was $6.3 billion, also up 4 percent from 2005.;The Coca-Cola Company describes itself as a local employer, with responsibility to;enable our people to tap into their full potential, working at their innovative best and representing;the diversity of the world we serve. Encouraging performance excellence by creating meaningful;and involving jobs seems to be a hallmark of Coca-Colas approach to employee motivation;throughout its global operations. According to the companys Web site, [e]ach employee of The;Coca-Cola Company helps lead our success in the beverage industry by committing to benefit;and refresh everyone who is touched by our business. Coca-Colas Web site also states, [w]hen;pride, passion and drive come together, you get the professionals of The Coca-Cola Company.;Were looking for individuals who want to make a difference, develop and inspire others, drive;innovative ideas and deliver results, and who live our values.;In recruiting prospective employees, The Coca-Cola Company encourages people to;[b]ecome one of the secret ingredients that make our company so refreshing. When the;question What are the secret ingredients that make your job at The Coca-Cola Company so;refreshing? was posed to a group of current employees, several responded with answers that;provide insight into how jobs are designed at The Coca-Cola Company. Here is what seven of;these employees said, in their own words.;Hector, Supply Chain General Management;Professionally, I feel rewarded as there are many new challenges, which allow me to;grow, learn and explore.;Joycelyn, Brand Management;Based on my background, they [recruiters and managers at The Coca-Cola Company];were convinced I had the cultural understanding and sensitivity, as well as the specific marketing;expertise, required to deliver against the Hispanic marketing departments business objectives;and goals.;Mary Page, Strategic Planning;My job at The Coca-Cola Company is to facilitate development of the strategy of a;global, Fortune 100 company. By definition, there are very few places where one can do that, and;it is fascinating. I can say without a doubt I love my job. The bar is set high at The Coca-Cola;Company. We attract the best and brightest from all over the world. I feel privileged to work with;so many smart people from such diverse backgrounds. They show me many different ways of;thinking about not only our business, but the world. Having the ability, and the willingness, to;learn from each local market to scale the best ideas globally and to capture the learnings from;less successful experiences gives us a truly unique competitive advantage. You have the;opportunity to explore, learn and grow, all within the system that is Coca-Cola.;Rebecca, Global Marketing;Our work makes people happy. We provide optimism through our brands, and we refresh;many different people every day. The work I do gives a framework that connects people around;the world. I have had an opportunity to help the Company regain its leadership position as the;most respected marketing company worldwide. My experience at The Coca-Cola Company;has probably changed my life. It has helped me develop as an individual, opened my mind to;cultures and perspectives and has exposed me to life-changing experiences.;Tor, Sales Director;There are even broader opportunities for personal and professional growth. In this;environment, I feel that it is my responsibility to take on where my passions lie. I can in fact;create my own career destiny.;Tania, Information Technology General Management;We work at a real level that connects directly with billions of people around the globe;each and every day. The ideas, the markets, the portfolio of brands and approach, its like a;small company where you can make an impact and see the difference. Its where a little gem of;an idea can and has turned into something extraordinary. The [C]ompany encourages and;supports you being fluid. You can look beyond your job description to other ideas you might;have. Youre not just doing a j-o-b. You have the freedom to innovate and execute your ideas. Its;really like a big and small company all in one.;Vikram, Strategic Growth;Ive been with The Coca-Cola Company for a short time and I can already see the;meaningful significance that The Coca-Cola Company makes in the world. Many of our products;are sold at small mom and pop stores. The margins the owners receive on our products often;impacts their ability to support their family, and gives them an opportunity to send their kids to;college. The value that we create and share is more than just providing a refreshing beverage.;We truly have global impact and are making a difference.;From a job design perspective, how would you interpret what these seven employees of;The Coca-Cola Company say about the secret ingredients that make their jobs so refreshing?;SOURCES: Coca-Cola Careers Who We Are, http://www.thecocacolacompany/careers/careers_who_we_are.html (accessed November 1, 2007), Coca-Cola;Our Company Beliefs, http://www.thecoca-colacompany/ourcompany/ourbeliefs.html;(accessed November 1, 2007), Coca-Cola Careers Our Company, Your Career;http://www.thecoca-colacompany/careers/index.html (accessed November 1, 2007), Coca-Cola;Careers Meet Our People, http://www.thecoca-colacompany/careers/meet_our_people.html;(accessed November 1, 2007), Coca-Cola Careers Meet Our People Hector, Supply;Chain General Management, http://www.thecocacolacompany/careers/meet_our_people_hector.html (accessed November 1, 2007), Coca-Cola;Careers Meet Our People Joycelyn, Brand Management, http://www.thecocacolacompany/careers/meet_our_people_ joycelyn.html (accessed November 1, 2007), Coca-Cola;Careers Meet Our People Mary Page, Strategic Planning, http://www.thecocacolacompany/careers/meet_our_people_ mary.html (accessed November 1, 2007), Coca-Cola;Careers Meet Our People Rebecca, Global Marketing, http://www.thecocacolacompany/careers/meet_our_people_ rebecca_gm.html (accessed November 1, 2007), CocaCola Careers Meet Our People Tor, Sales Director, http://www.thecocacolacompany/careers/meet_our_people_ tor.html (accessed November 1, 2007), Coca-Cola;Careers Meet Our People Tania, Information Technology General Management;http://www.thecoca-colacompany/careers/meet_our_people_ tania.html (accessed November 1;2007), Coca-Cola Careers Meet Our People Vikram, Strategic Growth;http://www.thecoca-colacompany/careers/meet_our_people_ vikram.html (accessed November 1;2007).;This case was written by Michael K. McCuddy, The Louis S. and Mary L. Morgal Chair of;Christian Business Ethics and Professor of Management, College of Business Administration;Valparaiso University.


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