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Staffing: Identify needed skills of employees and managers. Compare the use of ethnocentric, polycentric, and geocentric approaches to staffing. Consider what mix of U.S. and employees from the country will be needed. Analyze what might be the best reporting structure to use and how to establish leadership positions. What are the implications for recruiting and selection of employees located in the country?;Training and Development: List needed topics and instructional methods for ongoing training and management development related to technical skills, interpersonal skills, language, and cultural awareness. Consider who will require training, by whom and on what topic. How will the institutional knowledge about EDUS be transferred to the institution?s employees, staff and faculty members?;Performance Appraisals: Suggest performance guidelines that would balance organizational goals and individual needs, and which would reflect the cultural and legal situation. Should U.S. managers conduct appraisals on staff and faculty located in the foreign country? What type of performance appraisals would be best to implement?;Compensation: Determine suggested wages and salary levels for various job positions on the campus based on country factors. Propose an employee benefits package for the local staff and faculty members based on economic and cultural factors.;Recommended Actions: Recommend EDUS actions related to HR-related issues. Provide evidence to support your recommendations.;Conclusions: Draw conclusions about the material you have presented. The opinions or judgments you present should be supported by your research.


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