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CH.1 Comprehensive Question 1-23 (Organizations a...




CH.1 Comprehensive Question 1-23 (Organizations associated with the public accounting profession) Several private and public sector organizations are associated with the profession. Listed below are activities pertaining to these organizations. 1. License individuals to practice as CPAs. 2. Promulgate GAAP. 3. Issue Statements on Auditing Standards. 4. Regulate the distribution and trading of securities offered for public sale. 5. Establish its own code of professional ethics. 6. Issue Statements of Financial Accounting Standards. 7. Impose mandatory continuing education as a requirement for renewal of license to practice as a CPA. 8. Issue disclosure requirements for companies under its jurisdiction that may exceed GAAP. 9. Issue auditing interpretations. 10. Cooperate with the AICPA in areas of mutual interest such as continuing professional education and ethics enforcement. 11. Take punitive action against an independent auditor. 12. Establish accounting principles for state and local governmental entities. 13. Establish GAAS. 14. Suspend or revoke a CPA???s license to practice. 15. Establish quality control standards. 16. Operate as proprietorships, partnerships, or professional corporations. 17. Issue government auditing standards. 18. Administer federal tax laws. Required Indicate the organization or organizations associated with each activity


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