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1. The Federal income tax applicable to corporat...




1. The Federal income tax applicable to corporations: 2. Social considerations can be used to justify: 3. A characteristic of the statute of limitations is: 4. What is a judicial source of the tax law? 5. What is true of a vacation home used primarily for personal use (rented for less than 15 days per year)? 6. How much must a taxpayer include in gross income for employer insurance premiums? 7. Gift of stock included in gross income: 8. Insurance proceeds taxable: 9. What is the tax effect of stock sale transactions? 10. Tax effects of discharge of a non-business bad debt. 11. What types of transactions will not accelerate the gain on an installment note? 12. Purchase of season tickets- how much qualifies as a charitable contribution? 13. For income tax purposes, the real estate tax deduction is apportioned between buyer and seller. Impact on basis in the residence is: 14. How do you treat the loss on the sale of 1244 stock? 15. Farming business?During the year, a tornado destroyed a building, what are the tax consequences? 16. Deductibility of expenses in start up of a company: 17. (Significant participation question) 18. (Adjusted basis question)-suspended passive activity loss 19. IRA contributions should be treated as: 20. What types of allowable deductions can be claimed as a deduction from AGI? 21. What is a deduction for AGI? 22. Entertainment expense deduction 23. Deductions for gifts 24. What expenses are deductible as miscellaneous itemized deductions? 25. What are the requirements for alimony deductions under post-1984 decrees and agreements: 26. Deductibility and inclusion in gross income of alimony: 27. What expenses are miscellaneous itemized deductions not subject to the two percent floor? 28. What qualifies for the medical expense deduction? 29. How much of the property taxes may be deducted when allocated between buyer and seller? 30. Charitable deduction of stock, what is the amount of deduction? 31. What item would be a miscellaneous itemized deduction on Schedule A of Form 1040 not subject to the two percent of AGI floor? 32. How much of the passive loss may an individual and corporate taxpayer deduct in the current year? 33. Calculation of suspended passive loss with respect to these activities at the end of the current year. 34. Computation of a Corporation's foreign tax credit. 35. Computation of a self-employment tax. 36. Computation of AMT, given taxpayer?s income, and charitable contributions. 37. Charitable contribution deduction for AMT purposes. 38. Computation of Corporation's foreign tax credit. 39. Tax preference for excess depletion. 40. What adjustments or preferences apply to individuals? 41. What are positive adjustments for AMT? 42. What is the amount realized by the taxpayer from the sale of her property? 43. What taxpayer?s basis for the land and the improvement for subdivided lots? 44. Compute adjusted basis in the home. 45. What is his recognized gain or loss in subsequent sale of gift- personal property? 46. What is the taxpayer basis for depreciation (cost recovery)? What is a business property gift? 47. What is taxpayer?s basis for the new truck, real property-taxable exchange, and non-taxable exchange? 48. Taxpayer sells a residence in June for $250,000. What is the realized gain if new residence replaces within a certain period of time? 49. As part of the divorce agreement, the husband transfers his ownership interest in their personal residence to his wife. What is the wife?s basis for the house? 50. What is the taxable income for 2010, when capital gain and capital losses are present? 51. Computing Section 1231 gain. 52. Calculating depreciation recapture. 53. What types of property are subject to ? 1245 recapture? 54. What types of property are subject to ? 1250 recapture? 55. On August 10, 2009, an investor purchased 1,000 shares of Corporation for $12,000. On January 2, 2010, the stock became worthless. What is the recognized gain or loss and how is it classified? 56. Jude has a NLTCG of $25,000 and a NSTCL of $30,000. What is Jude's 2009 capital loss deduction if Jude's adjusted gross income for 2009 (before considering capital asset transactions) is $90,000? 57. The highway project was abandoned in 2010 and the value of the land fell to $80,000. What is the amount of loss taxpayer can claim in 2010? 58. Determine a cost recovery deduction for 2010. 59. Taxpayer?s gross income impacted from stock dividend. 60. Tax consequences from rent-free use of a hotel room. 61. Determine taxpayer?s inclusion amount from auto lease. 62. For the current year, determine the amount of goodwill a Corporation may amortize. 63. The tax formula applicable to individual taxpayers. 64. How many personal and dependency exemptions can taxpayers claim on their 2010 income tax return? 65. Victoria, whose husband died in December 2008, maintains a household in which her dependent son lives. What is Victoria's filing status for the tax year 2010? 66. What types of losses may a taxpayer claim on his or her 2010 return? 67. What is the name given to tax imposed on the increment in value as goods move through production and manufacturing stages to the marketplace? 68. Equity considerations can be used to justify: 69. Which is true with respect to letter rulings? 70. A taxpayer who loses in the U.S. Court of Federal Claims may appeal directly to the: 71. A taxpayer may not appeal a case from which court? 72. What is not a primary source of the tax law? 73. Victor sold his personal residence to Colleen and paid real estate taxes of $9,450 for the year, $3,250 of which was apportioned to Colleen based on the period she owned the property during the year. 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