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Over the past three weeks you have successfully navigated




Over the past three weeks you have successfully navigated the marketing process. You have an understanding of your customer needs and the marketing environment through research. You have developed a marketing strategy and begun development of the marketing mix including your product or service, its price and how it will be made available to your target market. Now your promotional decisions can be made based on these other elements in order to communicate your position to your customers.;Over the past three weeks you have developed most of the components of a marketing program for your product. Now it is time to add the last few sections. The final plan should include;* Definition of marketing (U1 DB);* Introduction of your product/service (U1 DB);* Situation Analysis - marketing environment forces impacting your product/service (U1 IP);* Marketing Strategy - target market(s) and positioning (U2 DB & U2 IP);* Product/Service overview and strategies to consider (U3 DB);* Pricing Strategy (U4 DB);* Distribution Channels (U3 IP);You will now add the Abstract, Introduction, Conclusion, Channels of Distribution and Customer Relationship Management parts of the Marketing Mix this week.;Integrated Marketing Communications Mix, including;* Overview of integrated marketing communications (pages 351-354);* Promotion Mix Strategy - explain if you will use a push or pull strategy or both and why (pages 356-358);* Message Strategy - decide what general message will be communicated to your target market across all promotional tools (page 363);* Promotion Mix (chapters 12, 13 & 14) - choose at least three (3) promotional tools (advertising, sales promotion, personal selling, public relations or direct marketing). For each include;o Why this promotional tool was chosen.;o Which forms of the promotional tool you will use and why (for example, in advertising you can use TV, radio, magazine, etc. and in direct marketing you can use direct mail, telemarketing, catalogs, etc.).;o Discussion of how your message strategy will be implemented using this promotional tool and the execution style.;The Product used in the previous assignments is Amway Global Laundry Detergent.;I have attached the pages of the book that are needed for this assignment.


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