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Team Contract;The contract must be signed by each member before submitting it individually to your dropbox. Submit your Team Name and Contract (locted in Document Sharing) to the Week 1 Dropbox after your team completes it (per the Team Assignment for Team Formation and Charter below). Each week your assignments are due by Sunday, end of week, 11:59PM Mountain Time (MT). Submit your assignment to the Dropbox located on the silver tab the top of this page.;eam Assignments;Team Formation and Charter and Team Discussions and Team Meeting Participation;Teams will be formed by the instructor in Week 1.;The teams and members will be posted in the Course Home under Announcementson Sunday - Week 1.;Start using the Team Discussion to "get acquainted" and begin your team's collective work.;Each individual will share his/her personal resume with the team in its designated team discussion area. This will help identify skills and abilities of each team member.;Read the other team members' resumes and comment as to strengths and skills each individual brings to the team.;Start discussing the requirements for the Final Presentation and Final Report.;Select an appropriate and unique team name.;Create a Team Contract for assignment and completion of duties through the rest of the course. In other words, this is a contract between the team members about how you will operate throughout the course (this is not a contract between your team and CanGo).;The team contract should, as a minimum, include;How work will be divided;How decisions will be made;How disputes will be resolved;How deadlines for submitting work will be determined;Each team member will submit the Team Name and Contract to his/her Week 1 Dropbox signifying his/her agreement to the terms of the team's contract.


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