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DEVRY BUSN460 WEEK 3 -Individual Financial Analysis Report




Individual Financial Analysis Report;Conclude working on your Individual Financial Analysis Report, due this week. Note that this is not a team assignment. Be sure to include proper citations for all references you use.;Go to the CanGo Intranet and pull the financial statements. Use these to fill out the table found in Doc Sharing labeled Financial Analysis Project, and submit to the Individual Financial Analysis Dropbox in Week 3 after making sure that you have added your last name at the beginning of the file name for your file.;Your assignment is due by Sunday, end of week, 11:59 PM (Mountain Time). Submit your assignment to the Dropbox located on the silver tab at the top of this page;BUSN460 Individual Financial Analysis Project;Student Name;Instructions;Go to the CanGo intranet found in the Report Guide tab under Course Home;Use the financial statements from the most recent year to fill in the table below.;You may find some formulae calling for an average, e.g., average inventory, average receivables.;Because we only have the Balance sheet for one year, you can only use the one year number not an average.;Assume interest expense is $0.00;Be sure to cite your references;Green boxes to be filled in by instructor;Ratio Formula (express the ratio in words) Detailed calculation (actual numbers from financial statements used for the calculation) Final number (final result of the detailed calculation) Explanation of why ratio is important Earned points (up to 3 points per "box"/cell) Instructor feedback;Example: Term A/Term B (Term A divided by Term B) 1000/2000 .50 This is the explanation of the role of this ratio and why it is important 3;Efficiency Ratio: Receivables Turnover;Grade for above 0.0;Efficiency Ratio: Inventory Turnover;Grade for above 0.0;Financial Leverage Ratio: Debt/Equity Ratio;Grade for above 0.0;Liquidity Ratio: Current Ratio;Grade for above 0.0;Liquidity Ratio: Quick Ratio;Grade for above 0.0;Liquidity: Working Capital;Grade for above 0.0;Profitability Ratio: Return on Assets;Grade for above 0.0;Profitability Ratio: Return on Sales;Grade for above 0.0;Total Earned Points 0.0;Attachments;Financial_Analysis_Project_Week_3_v3.0_.xlsx (11.5 KB)


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