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A mink coat retailer wishes to locate in cities that may offer good market potential for their coats




A mink coat retailer wishes to locate in cities that may offer good market potential for their coats. They need cities with average incomes exceeding $85,000. However, the secondary information source they find has an income category of $70,000 to $100,000. This represents a major disadvantage of secondary data: (Points: 1);Different units of measurement;Different class definition;Out of date data;Data having high credibility;Both a and b;7. Which of the following are NOT activities typically associated with "geodemographers"? (Points: 1);Conducting primary research;Tabulating census and other data for geographic areas;Updating census data through statistical extrapolation;Performing detailed analyses of census data;All of the above are typically associated with "geodemographers;8. Demographically balanced diary panels enable the service provider to __________. (Points: 1);save on the cost of assembling the panel;use the same panel members for all U.S. markets;assume that all panel members have the same lifestyle;generalize panel purchasing data to the population as a whole;disregard the effects of different ethnic backgrounds on purchase data;9. The main concern of the Starch Readership Service is to __________. (Points: 1);provide information on the demographic characteristics of a particular publication's readership;link magazine readership with certain lifestyle characteristics;determine which magazines carry the most advertising;evaluate the fit between a magazine's geographic distribution patterns and the type of advertising it carries;provide advertisers with data concerning the effectiveness of their ads;10. The "recent reading" method of determining magazine readership involves _________. (Points: 1);having respondents sort four color magazine logo cards into "read" and "not read" piles;paging through magazines to determine which articles respondents remember reading;telephone interviews of selected respondents in which they are asked which magazines they subscribe to;surveying public libraries to determine how often particular magazines are checked out;determining when was the last time the respondent read a particular magazine


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