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1. Discuss how corporate governance can support ethical strategic decisions?;2. What is assessing? And give examples;3. Business level strategies as Cost Leadership, Differentiation, Focused Differentiation and Focused Cost Leadership. Explain (with examples) TWO of these strategies.;4. Discuss TWO of the key issues related to implementing business-level strategies.;About International Marketing;5. Describe two opportunities and two challenges in international marketing created by the recent advances in information technology.;6. Discuss why any TWO of the following is important to international marketing;a. Understanding of the Culture;b. Understanding of the political and legal environment;c. Understanding of the economic environment;7. Explain the difference between direct exporting, licensing and franchising.;8. Discuss ONE of the following;d. Why should products or services be adapted for export;e. Would you price your exported products higher or lower than you sell in the U.S.? Why?;9. Discuss the information you would gather in selecting a distributor or agent.;10. Discuss the factors important to channel management;11. Discuss how technology has changed international marketing;12. Explain how the following U.S. government agencies help exporters;a.OPIC;b.Ex-Im Bank;c.Department of Commerce


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