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A universal projection screen mount,




A universal projection screen mount, Fig. P8.10, is to be estimated. This product suspends the screen;from the ceiling and eliminates the tripod support. The device permits rotation of 360 and tilting of;a maximum of 30. Vendors supply parts to the company. An indented bill of material summarizes;cost facts. Provide solutions using a spreadsheet program.;Fig. P8.10 Universal projection screen mount.;No. required;Part name;1;1;1;1;2;1;1;1;1;2;2;1;1;2;1;1;1;Continued on next page;Complete assembly;Gear pivot assembly;Pivot, geared;Bolt;Nut;Adjustment shaft;Worm;Shaft;Connector;Thumbscrews;Rod;Housing;Cover plate;Side plate;End plate;Top plate;Bottom plate;Material;cost;$/unit;2.25;0.25;0.10;0.75;1.15;0.60;0.50;0.20;0.40;0.60;0.30;1.40;1.75;1.65;Labor;estimate;hr/unit;0.01;0.03;0.005;0.004;0.002;0.01;0.01;0.01;0.02;0.01;0.03;0.02;0.005;0.015;0.010;0.010;0.020;Gross;hourly cost;$/hr;20.05;20.05;18.75;16.00;15.00;20.05;18.75;16.00;17.75;15.00;16.00;20.05;16.00;16.00;16.00;16.00;16.00;continued;(a) Find the direct costs for labor and material.;(b) Define the cost of manufacturing as labor and material. Let the overhead costs for the plant be at;200% of the cost of manufacturing. Find the full cost.;(c) If markup is 25% of full cost, then find the profit and price.;(d) Repeat part (c) if the margin is 25% of the sales price.;The following is a new situation -- it is not part of the above universal projection screen mount;estimation;A supplier for a major system estimates and negotiates a fixed price incentive contract;Estimated cost;Target profit;Target price;Price ceiling;$10,000,000;850,000;10,850,000;11,500,000;There is a 70/30 sharing arrangement below the ceiling and a 0/100 above the ceiling.;(a) Find the profit for a $250,000 cost reduction. For a $250,000 over run.;(b) Find the profit for a $400,000 cost reduction. For a $400,000 over run.;(c) What is the profit/loss if the supplier experiences a 10% cost over run?


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