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Which scale possesses an absolute zero




1. Which scale possesses an absolute zero? (Points: 1);Nominal;Ordinal;Interval;Ratio;Continuous;2. The use of a snake diagram is associated with __________. (Points: 1);Likert scales;semantic-differential scales;conjoint analysis;Stapel scales;itemized-rating scales;3. Data used for conjoint analysis are typically collected by __________. (Points: 1);Likert scales;graphic-ratings scales;Stapel scales;a rank-order procedure;4. You have been assigned the task of evaluating consumer acceptance of and favorability toward a new product that a company has just test marketed in your area. In order to determine the degree to which consumers hold favorable attitudes toward the product, what is the lowest level of scale that you can use? (Points: 1);Nominal;Ordinal;Interval;Ratio;Need more information;5. One hundred sports writers are given a survey and asked to rank basketball players on categories such as rebounding, points scored, and assists. The results of the survey indicate that most sports writers agree on the top ten players, within the given categories. This is evidence of _________. (Points: 1);reliability;concurrent validity;discriminant validity;predictive validity;construct validity;6. If the number of squirrels in your backyard is highly correlated with the price of unleaded gasoline, then the number of squirrels is said to have __________ with respect to gas prices. (Points: 1);discriminant validity;predictive validity;convergent validity;interjudge reliability;nomological validity;7. In a survey, customers are asked to indicate how important courteous service is by placing an "X" in the appropriate box. The boxes are labeled as "not important," "somewhat important," "fairly important," and "very important." These labels are _________. (Points: 1);motherhood attributes;alternatives;reverse-scaled items;comparative rating scales;anchors;8. Jimmy is filling out a store satisfaction survey. Although Jimmy has extremely positive feelings about the check-out services, he's not completely satisfied with the store location. As Jimmy answers the questions, his response about the checkout service is highly positive, and as he continues to fill in the survey, he notices that his assessment of store location is somewhat higher than what he would normally give. This carryover judgment is an example of _________. (Points: 1);composite measures;the halo effect;a global measure;motherhood attribution;a comparative rating;9. A pretest of the questionnaire is useful for all of the following reasons EXCEPT __________. (Points: 1);to assess individual questions;to assess sequence of questions;to determine interviewer problems with questions;to determine if data collected is suitable for analysis;a pretest is useful for all of the above reasons;10. The physical appearance of a questionnaire is important in securing respondents' cooperation, particularly for __________. (Points: 1);personal interviews;mail questionnaires;telephone interviews;All of the above;Both b and c


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