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The third and final part of this project,will be a PowerPoint presentation with voiceover




The third and final part of this project,will be a PowerPoint presentation with voiceover. You will, in essence, be making a presentation to the Board of Directors of your organization.;1. Begin with a brief review of the performance evaluation, organizational problem, and decision alternatives. Again, be sure to include the proper data (financial and/or nonfinancial) to support the validity of the problem and the appropriateness of the identified decision alternatives. Keep in mind that the members of the board may or may not have read the report you completed in Parts 1 and 2 of the project. So while brief, your presentation should include all essential information and data.;2. Continue with a discussion of 2-3 potential biases that could potentially color the outcome of the decision making process related to the organizational problem, and which decision alternatives would be most affected by these biases. This aspect of the presentation is very important in assuring that the Board not only has the information, but also the proper perspective they need to make the right decision.;3. Conclude your presentation with a personal recommendation as to which decision alternative you feel would best benefit the organization. Discuss why you feel that decision alternative would be most appropriate, and what changes you anticipate will result.;The PowerPoint presentation should include 15 ? 20 slides. The presentation itself (voiceover) should be 8-10 minutes long.


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