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7. Only a cash basis partnership is concerned with...




7. Only a cash basis partnership is concerned with the problem of ?unrealized receivables?. True or False 17. Rachael and Ray form an equal partnership R&R on January 1, 20X1. Rachael contributes $100,000 in exchange for her one-half interest; Ray contributes land worth $100,000. Rays adjusted basis in the land is $30,000. Which of the following statements is accurate with respect to this exchange? a. Neither Rachael, Ray, nor R&R recognize any gain or loss on the transfer. b. Ray recognizes $70,000 gain on the transfer. c. R&R recognizes $70,000 gain on the transfer. d. b. and c. 18. Wayne owns 60 percent and Larry owns 40 percent of the profits and losses of the WL partnership. On January 1, 20X4, the basis in their respective partnership interests is $60,000 and $10,000. During 20X4, WL reports taxable ordinary income of $50,000 and has the following separately stated items: qualified dividend income of $1,000; taxable interest income of $2,600; charitable contributions of $3,000; and Sec. 179 expense of $20,000. During the year, partnership liabilities decreased by $25,000 and there were no distributions made to either partner. On December 31, 20X4, which of the following correctly states the basis in each partners interest in WL? a. Wayne: $63,360 and Larry: $12,240 b. Wayne: $65,520 and Larry: $12,680 c. Wayne: $90,360 and Larry: $30,240 d. Wayne: $92,160 and Larry: $31,440 20. On April 1, George Hart, Jr. acquired a 25 percent interest in the Wilson, Hart, and Company partnership by gift from his father. The 25 percent partnership interest had been acquired by a $50,000 cash investment by Hart, Sr. 10 years ago. The fair market value of Hart, Sr.?s partnership interest was $60,000 at the time of the gift. Hart, Jr. sold the 25 percent interest for $85,000 on December 17. What type and amount of capital gain should Hart, Jr. report on his tax return? a. Long-term capital gain of $25,000 b. Short-term capital gain of $25,000 c. Long-term capital gain of $35,000 d. Short-term capital gain of $35,000 23. Magda Shaw?s adjusted basis for her partnership interest in Shaw & Zack was $60,000. In complete liquidation of her interest in Shaw & Zack, Shaw received cash of $44,000 plus the following assets: Adjusted Basis to Shaw & Zack Fair Market Value to Shaw & Zack Land?Tract A $24,000 $10,000 Land?Tract B 8,000 8,000 How much is Shaw?s basis for Tract B? a. $16,000 b. $8,000 c. $ 7,111 d. $ 4,000


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