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Your company makes 1,500 necklaces every day.




Your company makes 1,500 necklaces every day. For quality;management purposes, 20 necklaces are randomly selected for inspection;every day. After 10 days, you have inspected 200 necklaces, and are;ready to start using control charts. What is the sample size, n, that you;should use in your control charts calculations?;8.;50 samples of size eight each were taken from a fertilizer-bag filling;machine. The results were overall mean = 58.35 lb, average range = 2.01;lb. What is the sample size, n, that you should use in your control charts;calculations?;9.;You are attempting to monitor a filling process that has an overall;average of 75 cc. The average range is.7 cc. If you use a sample size of;10, what are the center line and upper and lower control limits for the;mean and range control charts?;10. An ad agency tracks the complaints received every week about the;billboards in its city. For example, last week 4 complaints were received, and 8 the;week before. What type of control chart would you use to monitor this process?;View Full Attachment


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