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Situation Assessment and Analysis




Situation Assessment and Analysis (1-3 pages);As an assignment or DQ, you conducted a SWOT analysis for Allround. In addition to the SWOT, show a thorough understanding of the current market/competitor situation including recommended positioning for targeted segments.;Please see the attached Situation analysis and the paper requirements are 1-2 pages...If the data provide isn't enough info, can we at least provide a SWOT analysis.;Attachment Preview;PharmaSim Marketing Plan.docx;PharmaSim Preliminary Marketing Plan (Summer, 2010);SITUATION ANALYSIS;5Cs;a. Company: Goals, metrics, strengths/weaknesses?;Goals;1. Allstar stock price;Metrics;+10% per yr;2. Allstar cum net income;3. Allstar annual net income;4. Allround Market share;+10% per yr;$74M;41%;5. Allstar capacity utilization;93%;6. Allround shelf space rank;1 retail;Strengths;Brand, share;inelastic pricing;category growth;Brand, share, price;Brand, share, price;Category growth;inelastic pricing;brand awareness;Category growth;brand, 1-product;formula opportunity;MSRP advantage;brand awareness;Weaknesses;Marketing budget;allocation, portfolio;Portfolio, sales;Sales, shelf space;Budget, sales;coverage, R&D;capacity;Alcohol formula;budget, growing;portfolio;Budget constraints;sales coverage;b. Customers: Underlying needs, benefits sought, trends/changes?;Underlying Needs;To get over the cold;Benefits Sought;To feel better;Trends/Changes;Make a faster acting;medicine;c. Competitors: Primary, anticipated strategy, defensive plan?;Competition;Primary;1. Dryup;2. Besthelp;3. Extra;Secondary;1. Coughcure;Primary Competitors;Anticipated Strategy;Allround;Defensive Plan;Promo;Advertising;Price;Sales Force;Increase allowance;Increase awareness;Increase awareness;Increase sales force;d. Collaborators: With whom, how motivate them?;Collaborators;1. Doctors;Why;Many consumers go see doctors;Motivation;Give doctors samples so they can;pass out to their patients.;2. Pharmacist;3. Retailers;(Grocery Food;Chain);4. Gas Stations;5. Convenience;Stores;(Corner Stores);Consumers who cannot make it to the;doctor usually ask a pharmacist for a;recommendation.;Consumers may get better deals in the;store. They may have a coupon or a;BOGO special. (BOGO - Buy One;Get One Free);Many consumers are on the road, they;will pick up medicine (if needed) and;then get back out on the road;This may be the closest store by their;house. Therefore, it will be very;convenient.;This is helping the store boost up;sales. In addition, means better;bonuses.;This is the best cold medicine out;there. Selling this product will;boost sales.;Tell customers that Allround is;affordable and better than the other;brands. Many will thank you and;return.;Recommending this medicine will;produce more consumers. This will;help in the long term.;e. Context: Environmental factors to consider?;Economy;Income;Distribution;Credit Availability;Potential Market;Purchasing power;Debt-to-income;ratio;Price Inflation;Price increases;of 2.8% compare;to inflation rate of;3.1%;Price inflation;will be negligible;MARKETING STRATEGY;STP;Industry Growth;Outlook of;Industry growth is;4.3% versus a;0.9% population;growth;4.3% growth;represent the;$82.1 million;growth in Retail;sales;Industry;growth is;moderate;Merchandiser;sales showing the;strongest growth;of 9.0%;Market Issues;Nine;alternatives which;represent a threat;to loss of market;shares;Five Retail;Channels;Differing retail;channels;preference present challenges;with channel;selection and;product;allocation.;Varying;commodities;prices;New;competition;entering the;market (Driscol's;Dryup);marked;increase in;promotional;expenditure;1. Segmentation: Alternatives, comparisons?;The Allround product is a 4-hour liquid cold medicine for adults containing a pain reliever;antihistamine, decongestant, cough medicine, and alcohol. Comparatively, Dyrup is a product is a;4-hour capsule medicine for adults containing a pain reliever, antihistamine, and decongestant.;Segment;Alternatives;Illness;Cold;Cough;Segment SWOT: Allround intends to be the market leader in the OTC;medication, by being the one of the most effective brands in the multisymptom market.;Market research indicates that 62.1% of the symptoms people are suffering;from consist of coughing and chest congestion.;Current weakness include: Only 4-hrs, only liquid, alcohol content, and 4 th;place retention ratio among all brands. Market share leader for Cold;medicine.;Aches;Market research indicates that 60.6% of the symptoms people are suffering;from consist of aches/fever. Current weakness include: Only 4-hrs, only;liquid, alcohol content, and 4th place retention ratio among all brands.;Allergy;Market research indicates that 20.0% of the symptoms people are suffering;from consist of allergy symptoms. No a real difference maker in the;allergy market.;Demographics;Mature Families;Segment SWOT: Allround intends to provide our customer the most costeffective and efficient multi-symptom brand on the market.;Largest segment of population (Boomers), As they get older their more;susceptible to illness.;Empty Nesters;Largest segment of population (Boomers), As they get older their more;susceptible to illness.;Young Families;Young families are trying to establish themselves and cannot afford loss;time (wages) from work. Additionally, it means children who are prone to;illness and/or exposed to other ill children.;2. Targeting: Which ones, why?;Target Segments;1. Children;2. Seniors;3. People with;medical;conditions (i.e.;diabetes);4. People that work;outside in the cold;and rain;Why;Allround is cold relief in liquid form, therefore easier to take than a pill or;nasal spray;They are more prone to catching colds;They are more susceptible to getting sick;They would catch a cold more easily than a person working inside a;business;3. Positioning: Value proposition by target mkt, 4P implications;Target;General;Public;Value Proposition;Use Allstar products for all your cold;and cough medicine needs.;Anyone with;any type of;cold;Low income;consumers;Guaranteed to reduce any kind of;cold or cough symptoms. In addition;it is safe for kids.;Allstar products are affordable and;with no side effects, making it the;preferred choice.;4P Implications;Product: Want consumers to buy different;Allstar products. If they like it, they will;buy it again.;Product: Making it kid safe.;Price: To let consumers know they will;get what they pay for. This is a great;product.;MARKETING PLAN;4. 4Ps;a. Product: Formulations, advantages?;Product Formulations;Analgesic;Antihistamines;Decongestant;Cough Suppressant;Alcohol;Advantages;Provides relief for aches and fevers;Reduces runny nose and watery eyes;Reduces nasal congestion;Reduces cough;Provides a base for other ingredients in some products, and;helps patient rest. (Sometimes seen as a negative ingredient);b. Price: Decision drivers, competitive position, customer importance, margins?;Target;Importance;Decision Driver;Competition Position;Margin Goal;Cold;Product effectiveness/price;Safe/quality;6%;Cough;Product effectiveness/price;Safe/quality;9%;Allergy;Product effectiveness/price;Safe/quality;3%;c. Promotion: Push or pull strategy, message, agency, product portfolio, budget;allocation?;Push/Pull;Message;Agency;Portfolio;Budget Allocation;Pull;To maintain;awareness;Sully and Rogers;Standard;18%;d. Place: Priority channels, shelf-space drivers;Priority Channels;1. Chain drug stores;2. Convenience stores;3. Independent drug;stores;4. Grocery stores;5. Mass merchandisers;Self-Space Drivers;Turnover and allowance;Turnover and allowance;Sales force support;Turnover and allowance;Turnover and allowance


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