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Review the Risk Management Plan assignment.




Review the Risk Management Plan assignment. (Format, required content items);Each student has an individual assignment to prepare a 9-10 page report detailing a comprehensive Project Risk Management Plan. This assignment will apply the first four steps in the ATOM methodology and discuss project communications. The report is due in Week 9. The format for the report is outlined below. The report will include the following sections;? Initiation: Provide a description of project objective/scope. Analyze the key stakeholders and their issues. Assess the organizational culture and its impact on risk management. Discuss project sizing.;? Identification and Assessment: Prepare a RBS assessing all the main categories of risks. From this RBS, develop a prioritized list of the top five risks (most critical), based on the P-I score (use the scale in Fig 4.8). For each of the top five risks, provide a supporting analysis of the risk as to why it is critical to the project and include comments on the P-I score. Describe the nature of each risk and why the risk is significant to project success. Include the factors that are causing the risk.;? Risk Response Strategy. Develop a risk response plan with both primary and secondary (contingency) actions for each of the top 5 risks. Provide supporting rationale. Include nominated action owners for each action.;? Communications Plan. For each risk and the designated responsible party/group, develop an effective approach to communicate to each responsible party/group. Recommend the communication methods and the frequency to communicate that would facilitate monitoring the risk management plan.;? Reference List: minimum of 4 references. References would include information on the industry, location, background information on projects of this nature, or other information that applies to assessing risks in the project.


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