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Choose one problem that you have encountered in your work life that this related to the




Price increased.;Please Cite the work.;The paper nedds to be 4 to 7 pages.;If possible please send it to me by tonight.;Choose one problem that you have encountered in your work life that this related to the;content of this course. It can encompass any of the areas that are covered in organizational behavior and can be focused on a person, group or organization.;Define the problem. Be as objective and as precise as you can. Be sure to disguise all;individuals and businesses involved. This is important.;Summarize your interpretation of the problem at the time you encountered it. Explain;what you thought were the reasons for the problem at the time you experienced it or;became aware of it.;Reevaluate the problem using concepts of organizational behavior. Reevaluate the problem and reanalyze why it occurred.;Propose a solution or course of corrective action based on course concepts. Be specific;and either propose a solution to the problem using course concepts or an action plan to;alleviate it if a solution is not possible in your view.;Deliverable;A report using a business format (not an academic term paper approach) that addresses;the components of the project specification. Quality of analysis is more important than is;length. Do not add filler for the sake of filler.;More complex problems require longer definitions and more detailed analyses so the;length of the report will depend on the nature of the problem that you have chosen.;The tone, length and detail of your project should be consistent with what you would;expect to deliver to a senior manager in an actual organization, that is, someone who is;busy, harried, and who needs to grasp the essence of an issue quickly. Write clearly and;concisely and get to the point. Do not write something that you think will impress a;college professor.


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