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8-39 Target costing: return on sales Stacy Yoo, pr...




8-39 Target costing: return on sales Stacy Yoo, president of Caremore, Inc., an appliance manufacturer in Seattle, Washington, has been trying to decide whether one of her product-line managers, Bill Mann, has been achieving the companywide return-on-sales target of 45%. Stacy has just received data from the new target costing system regarding Bill's operation. Bill's sales volume was 300,000 appliances with an average selling price of $500 and expenses totaling $90 million. Required: Determine whether Bill's return-on-sales ratio has met the companywide target. Has Bill done a good or a poor job? Explain.,Hi, i think the profit margin is: Sales (300,000 units x $500) $150,000,000 Less: Expenses 90,000,000 = Profit Margin (ROS x Sales) $60,000,000 ROS x $150,000,000 = $60,000,000, so ROS = 40%. Because the given expenses are $90 millon, no $90 per unit


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