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Business Management;8-11 slides with in-depth speaker notes Details;Your management team has been retained by a senior manager who is concerned about the;effectiveness of his managers and their teams. He would like your team to develop a training;guide on delegation. The training guide should be designed to improve the interest in and;delegation skills of his managers. He also wants the training guide to include and address the;planning, organizing, leading, and controlling activities.;Individual Assignment;Select from planning, organizing, leading, or controlling activities (each member of the;team should take a different one. If there are more than 4 team members, then more;than 1 person can choose from these). Use the library, course materials, or other credible;sources to research the concepts for developing teams using this type of activity, and;develop 12 slides complete with in-depth speaker notes.;Use the library, course materials, or other credible sources to research the concepts of;delegation. Use the Discussion Board area to respond to the questions below about;delegation. Contribute 1 initial response and follow up at least 2 times with an in-depth;response to your peers.;Remember to use the library, course materials, or other credible resources to support your;argument. Be sure to cite your sources using the correct standard of APA.;Please add your file.;Group Assignment;Your team's deliverable from this project will be a detailed description of the proposed;Delegation training guide, presented as a PowerPoint slideshow with in-depth speaker's notes at;the bottom of each slide.;Your training guide should, at a minimum, effectively address the following questions;Suggest and summarize in-depth the planning, organizing, leading, and controlling;activities as it relates to delegation for these managers (made up of the slides that you;developed in your individual assignment).;Define the term delegation. (Select the best information from the individual;contributions);Why is the ability to effectively delegate important to a leader or manager? (Select the;best information from the individual contributions);Why is the ability to effectively delegate important to the company? (Select the best;information from the individual contributions);What should and should not be delegated? (Select the best information from the;individual contributions);In answering these questions, your team should include practical examples from your own;experience or research of both good and poor delegation scenarios.


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