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Mc-King Chicken Brian decided to open a local franchise




Mc-King Chicken Brian decided to open a local franchise of the well-known Mc-King Chicken, a fast-food restaurant. Before he took the initiative to open the franchise, he tried to weigh all the advantages and disadvantages. He decided, based on his research and understanding, that it would be beneficial to open a local fast-food restaurant.;Mc-King has become quite successful domestically, and now it is exploring the possibility of opening franchises internationally. The company hired an international agency to help it learn what and what not to do. After the agency met with the managers of Mc-King a few times, the Mc-King management decided they would go ahead with their decision to expand internationally.;The international agency advising Mc-King would have made which of the following recommendations?;A)Be aware that less money is needed to fund international operations.;B)Remember that strong local management is needed to keep an international;franchise going.;C)Plan for the local competition to be weak.;D)Assume that customers everywhere need or want what the franchise offers.;E)Expect hiring, training, and marketing practices to be identical in all countries.;A company like Motorola might establish a goal of reducing its inventory by 50 percent over the next year. To ensure that it reaches this goal, the company could monitor its progress on a quarterly or monthly basis. If the managers at Motorola discover that there is a danger of not achieving this goal, they can take corrective action to adjust for the deficiency. This is a description of the managers' __________ function.;A) controlling;B) directing;C) leading;D) organizing;E) planning


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