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The AI Brainstorming Conference is nearly over




The AI Brainstorming Conference is nearly over. This is your chance to show what you have learned and it could help you become a published writer. Wouldn?t that look good on your resume?;Being introduced to The Marketing Scene. The stories on the site encompass the following marketing topics;* Controversy in Ads;* Lifestyle Campaigns;* Target Marketing;* The Global View;* Emotional Advertising;* Marketing the Economy;Examples of published stories can be found at;Devise a story of your own product:HUHALOS Natural Human Hair Wig. Stories should be written in 1st or 3rd person. The stories need to have a marketing focus, but the topics are broad and can reflect your own taste.;The story that we will be using is about a natural Human hair wigs with a monofilament design for clients that are in the pre - or post period of permanent hair loss and our product name is HUHALOS Natural Human Hair Wig with the mission statement: "We bring back that natural look" for the target are of Pensacola, FL. We offer a new beginning of a life without the embarrassment,start back living the life you had before, not worrying about the self-consciousness. Take that first step towards a new you.;Our HUHALOS Natural Hair Wig will be based on the concepts of our customers and focusing on the local Pensacola market by reaching our audience through form(s) advertisement(s): personal sales and direct marketing.;HUHALOS natural hair wigs will be venturing into a market that has a great deal of global competitors. Our competitors, such as, Oversea Lida Fashion Accessories Co. Ltd, Shanghai Weijun Group International Trading Inc., and Sally?s Beauty Supply deals in human and synthetic wigs but they are mostly made through mass productions and seldom due have they targeted the market for individual clients. The competitors offer a variety of human hair wigs that are renowned for their consumers. Our competitors offer the following type of wig(s): New Born Free wigs, Sepia wigs, Vivica Fox wigs, Aspen wigs, and the Estetica wigs. People seldom take time out to get to know about the advantages of the human hair wigs and which one is best suited for them.;HAHULOS will communicate the natural hair wig into the Pensacola, Florida market via two channels. Our channels we choose to use are: Personal sales and direct marketing. Pricing objectives that our company may look into for the HUHALOS Natural Hair Wigs are;1) Maximizing the company?s revenue;2) Ensuring the company?s profitability on long term bases;3) Make sure that the HUHALOS product will generate the company revenue;4) Enhance the HUHALOS image for the company;In conclusion, HUHALOS organization will have to utilize an effect marketing plans to help the company to become successful in the Pensacola local market. The process of the marketing of the organization must be kept in mind when the organization is focusing on the company objectives. We will continue to concentrate on the customer?s goods and converting those positional customers over to profitability improvement.;Length: 15 slide PowerPoint, 2-3 page Script;Attachment Preview;PowerPoint Presentation Script.docx;Script to Accompany PowerPoint Presentation;Cover slide;Remember to always indent the first line of a paragraph (use the tab key). The;introduction should be short (2-3 sentences). The margins, font size, spacing, and font type;(italics or plain) are set in APA format. While you may change the names of the headings and;subheadings, do not change the font.;Slide # 2;Discuss key points;Slide # 3;Discuss key points;Slide # 4;Discuss key points;Slide # 5;Discuss key points;Slide # 6;Discuss key points;Slide # 7;Discuss key points;Slide # 8;Discuss key points;Slide # 9;Discuss key points;Slide # 10;Discuss key points;Slide # 11;Discuss key points;Slide # 12;Discuss key points;Slide # 13;Discuss key points;Slide # 14;Discuss key points;Slide # 15;Discuss key points


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