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The land of Narnack has very infertile soil




1) The land of Narnack has very infertile soil but a large supply of oil. What action should Narnack take? Narnack should;a. Specialize in the production of crude oil and trade this for grain and other food products;b. Grow food anyway because its people will need it for survival;c. Focus on attracting tourists to its country and thus purchase the needed supplies of food;d. Specialize in the production of food products such as cereals and bread;e. Import oil to satisfy the country?s need for gasoline;2) If Japan were regarded as the best electronics manufacturer in the world, what would be true?;a. Japan would have a comparative advantage in electronics manufacturing;b. Japan would have a positive balance of trade;c. The US would have a comparative advantage in electronics;d. Japan would have an absolute advantage in electronics production;e. Japan would have a trade deficit with the US;3) The legal affairs attorney working for Intel would most likely to occupy a(n);a. Vice president position;b. High position in the chain of command;c. Staff position;d. Nonessential position;e. Authoritarian position;4) Tony Shinn is applying for a mortgage to purchase his first home. His credit rating is mediocre due to several late payments on his credit cards and car loan. He is upset because his friend jerry was offered an interest rate 3 percent less than what tony was offered by the same mortgage company. This mortgage company?s actions were;a. Unethical ? both tony and jerry should have been charged the same interest rates, regardless of their credit histories;b. Ethical ? this is just a part of doing business because credit history is an important indicator of future payments;c. Illegal ? subjective factors may not be used when determining which credit offers may be extended to certain customers;d. Unethical if Tony is a minority and Jerry is not;e. Unethical and illegal ? customers must all be treated the same;5) If Martin Jones, VP Finance, meet with Susan Sheridan, CEO, to discuss how much of the budget can be allotted to certain departments for next year?s project plans, the two are engaging in;a. Stating objectives;b. Contingency planning;c. Strategic planning;d. Tactical planning;e. Financial planning


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