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In 3-4 pages double-spaced and using APA format.




In 3-4 pages double-spaced and using APA format.;1. What impresses you about this company? What accounts for Wal-Mart?s success over the past 25+ years? Is it a great strategy, superb strategy implementation and execution, or great leadership? What aspects of Wal-Mart do you find unimpressive?;2. Which of the five generic strategies is Wal-Mart employing? What are the chief elements of its strategy?;3. What policies, practices, support systems, and management approaches underlie Wal-Mart?s efforts to execute the company?s strategy?;4. What are its chief elements and characteristics of Wal-Mart?s culture? Why does the culture seem to be so much stronger in Bentonville than out in the stores?


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