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Ok thats fine,I will fix my previous assignment by...




Ok thats fine,I will fix my previous assignment by myself. Here attached my new assignment requirement in a new thread.Please let me you know if got it or not. Thank you! Regards, Student Accounting questions: Question1: Q .1.1 Based on the data provided: a) Comment on the relative financial performance of the three divisions, and Answer: b) Discuss how the ranking of the divisions might change if Residual Income were used as a performance measure. Answer: Question 2: Q 1.2 As East Division has not met the required ROI, should this Division be closed? List arguments for and against closure of the East Division, using supporting financial data where appropriate. Answer: Question 3: Q 1.3 Identify improvements to the Summary Data report: Answer: Summary data from the budgeted Management Accounts to 30 June 2011 Question 4 : Q 1.4 Would you recommend any other more relevant Performance Measures than those currently being used? Explain your answer. Answer: Accounting: Business Planning -Assignment Part 2 ?Case Study ? Customer Profitability? Then complete Assignment Part 2 . Question 2.1 (a) Calculate the profit for each customer based on the ABC data in the case study and (b) discuss what steps the company should consider to improve the profitability of individual customers. (a) Customer Profitability Answer: Customer North South East Total Annual Sales $175,000 $178,000 $173,000 $526,000 Costs Order amendments Pre-sales support Post-sales support Delayed payments Orders Invoices Cartons in stock Requisitions Standard deliveries Special deliveries Profit / (Loss) (b)Profitability Improvement Answer: Question 2.2 Assume that the company has a complete analysis of all customer-related revenues and Activity Based costs. Which Performance Indicators would best communicate the strategy to improve overall company profitability? Answer:


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