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Learning Outcomes To gain experience creating a formal report,




Assignment Sheet;Assignment Name;Assignment #3;Course;BUS. 154;Contact;Instructor, Kathryn Filsinger;Due Date;Week 9 (March 17, 2011);Learning Outcomes;To gain experience creating a formal report, including a bibliography.;To understand structure of formal reports, concept of you-attitude and research;methodologies.;To understand more about organizations in your chosen field;Instructions;You will prepare a library research report on an organization that you think you would like;to work for when you graduate. Include;A brief history of the organization;Its mission, products, services;Basic information such as its market share, competitive position, employee mix;The key challenges it faces and how it plans to meet those challenges;Your sense of its values and culture, indicating the basis for your analysis (see.;Pg. 28 of Textbook Analyzing the Organization Culture);If relevant, what makes this organization successful, or even outstanding, in its;field, in your view;Why you chose this organization initially;Whether, having done this research, you still think it is an organization you would;like to work for when you graduate. Explain your reasons.;The report should be 4 - 5 pages of text and must include illustrations, charts, etc as;necessary.;A bibliography of at least five sources must be included. All quotations, etc must be;properly referenced. See pages 251-256 of the text for format.;Papers without references or bibliography will not be marked.;Tips And Hints;Make sure you keep track of all materials researched including websites as you do your;research.;Resources;Chapters 11 and 12 of the text;Evaluation;This assignment will be marked out of 20 according to the following guideline;This assignment will count 20% of your final grade.;Please allow one week after due date for this assignment to be marked and returned to;you, and/or your grade to be posted in the My Grades section.;Submission Requirements;All Submission are due to me in hard copy on the Due date indicated. All assignments;should be in 12 pt Times New Roman, 1 spacing.;Late assignments will be penalized 1 mark (5%) per day. Assignments more than 2;weeks late will not be accepted.


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