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Standards and Best Practices in Post Disaster Relocation




My topic:Standards and Best Practices in Post Disaster Relocation;2. Disaster and Emergency Management Standards Project;In this project students choose a topic from a list provided to them by the by the course instructor and prepare paper on that. Each student will prepare a structured paper around the topic. Instructions will be provided.;Steps;1. Students find and collect the relevant literature and resources.;2. Students write their report;3. Students submit their paper.;Overall outline of your paper;1. Introduction;2. Existing Standards and Best Practices (in your topic) (here you provide some information about the type of standards, guidelines, manuals, best practices, etc. that are available in this area - you can classify them, explain them,);3. Management Methods Provided Based on Existing Standards and Best Practices (You can use the existing standards and explain the management process relevant to your topic.);4. Management Issues Based on existing Standards and Practices (You can use the existing standards and explain the management issues).;5. Conclusion;References;in order to produce a paper that receive full marks your paper should include the following items;1. Introduction.;Explain the topic and types of standards/best practices that you are using in your paper.;2. Application of the Standards/Best Practices in your topic;(Explain in detail these standards or best practices hand how they are used in disaster and emergency management). You can expand this section into several sub sections.;3. Summary and Conclusion;4. References;(you must use a minimum of 5 credible references (journal articles, book, official reports, etc.). General information extracted from web pages are not considered credible resources unless considered a published report);words:5000


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