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Details: Your next step in the project management process is to create a work breakdown structure for the trade show. The WBS should include all the tasks and their dependencies, schedule, cost, activity assignments and resource needs. The result should be a project task list with activity, scheduling description, cost and resource allocation created using MS Project or the WBS template. The information in the WBS will later in incorporated into the project management plan for the trade show event.;Please submit your assignment.;For assistance with your assignment, please use your text, Web resources, and all course materials.;Course Materials;Objective: ?Identify the five project lifecycle phases and their components.;?Function within a project team environment.;?Create a project plan from given elements of a project scenario.;?Use effective communication techniques.;Instructor Comments: Class- You will create you own WBS template, you can use Word, Excel, or Project.;Here are some examples;;


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