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Group-8: Facebook Privacy and Security Issues




Group-8: Facebook Privacy and Security Issues;To be presented on March 28th;Questions to Address;Q1.;Discuss Canadas role in some of the recent changes to Facebooks;privacy policies.;Q2.;Who do you think is responsible for making the public fully aware of;privacy and security threats: Internet users themselves, online;companies such as Facebook, regulatory authorities such as the Office;of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada, or other parties?;In other words, should it be the users responsibility to protect;themselves or should the responsibility be left to Facebook and;eventually governments?;Q.3. Much of the recent debate over online privacy at government level has;focused on whether online companies should employ opt-in or optout policy in collecting information concerning Internet users. Do;you think applications in Facebook and other social media sites should;all require each user to opt-in to the gathering of user information?;What are the pros and cons for the user, and for the site?;Q4.;What do you advise users of Facebook and other social networking;sites in order to protect themselves from privacy and security;problems?


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