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Click on Play Episode" and listen first 12 min of the program



Question;Click on Play Episode" and listen first 12 min of the program;Now that you have listened to the first twelve minutes of ?Ruining It for the Rest of Us,? from the weekly Radio Show, This American Life, please take some time to reflect upon the program segment?s contents, your reading from the text, and lecture on groups and teams.;In your personal or work life, most likely, you have been involved in a group or team experience?being in a family or on a Little League team counts, but try to discuss something work or school related, if possible.;In your paper, briefly describe the group size, your role, group goal(s), and whether or not you accomplished the goal(s).;Then reflect upon the experience and answer the following questions in narrative form;1) What type(s) of task interdependence did the group have?;2) Was there someone in the group who exhibited the poor behavior described in ?Ruining It For The Rest Of Us??;a. What was your reaction to this person?;b. If you do not think there was a ?Bad Apple,? is there a possibility it could have been you?;3) In your future experiences, how do you think you will view your role within a group differently?


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