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In what stage of the product life cycle is the candy category




In what stage of the product life cycle is the candy category?;a. introductory;b. growth;c. maturity;d. decline;2. While developing the Hello Kitty line of candy novelties, Larry Jones is likely to research the demand for other Hello Kitty novelty items and to estimate how many young girls would stop buying Spin Pops and instead start buying new Hello Kitty candy novelties. This describes the ______ stage of new-product development.;a. business analysis;b. idea screening;c. concept testing;d. market testing;e. research & development;3. When Rose Downey talks about the influence that children have on each other?s buying habits, she references ?Child B?, who buys a new type of candy only on the recommendation of another child. Child B is most likely a(n);a. innovator;b. early adopter;c. late innovator;d. laggard;e. early buyer


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