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We are to discuss the ?Vision? Change Analysis papers,




We are to discuss the ?Vision? Change Analysis papers, and am required to do the following;Write a two to three page analysis (double spaced) on the application of the change management concept as it applies to their organization or a case study of their choice found in the text.;The following format should be followed for this paper;1. Introduction;Briefly explain the strategic change initiative.;Briefly explain the importance of the Vision concepts and its application to a strategic change initiative.;2. Application Analysis;Gather information within your organization or through the case study that supports the strategic change initiative.;Address each concept and apply it to the strategic change initiative based on the information you gathered or found in the case.;3. Lessons Learned;Briefly explain what you have learned by applying the concept to the strategic change initiative.;Based on what you learned, explain in some detail how a practicing manager could use this knowledge to better manage change.;Identify any mistakes that were made in using the change concept and how you would fix the situation.;The VISION paper focuses on the development of the following;1.Vision Statement: a picture or story of our future and what we are going to become.;2.Mission Statement:overreacting reason for existing and aim or highest purpose.;3.Strategy:identify the key approaches in which we will implement the vision and defines the competitive advantages that will lead to winning in the marketplace.;FOR EXAMPLE:Best Buy;Vision:To be at the intersection of technology and liife;Mission:We improve peoples lives by making technology and entertainment products affordable and easy to use.;3.Strategy:Standard operating procedures,store openings and customer experience


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