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In term of Human Resource Development, answer the following




In term of Human Resource Development, answer the following question (each answer is around 200 words);1. Why is the concept of 'learning style' important for managers and employees?;2. Think about these two scenarios;a. A job, for example a contact centre adviser, that is closely defined and prescriptive and where new starts are frequent.;b. A job, for example a health and safety executive, where legislation determines necessary changes to some requirements of the role but others remain unchanged.;-- What type of job-level analysis do you consider might be appropriate in each scenario?;3. Think about any paid employment (or your role as a student) you are doing or have recently undertaken. To what extent can you identify individual training needs in relation to yourself?;4. Imagine you work in a busy city-centred restaurant three nights each week. The manager has arranged for you to attend a food hygiene training course.;a) What principles of learning do you hope will be reflected in the training?;b) How might the transfer of learning be enhanced?;5. What particular challenges might a lecturer face when teaching groups of students?;6. Think about some workplace training you have done or the course you are studying;a. How would you evaluate its effectiveness?


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