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Assume you have been hired as a consultant to look




Assume you have been hired as a consultant to look into and recommend what should be done.;Write a report to upper management which gives;(A) Your analysis of the situation;(B) Your short term recommended solution i.e. what should be done right now.;(C) Your long term recommended solution i.e. how can we prevent this problem from arising in the future.;When given the assignment,think management will not specify the length or format of the report they expect from you.;I submitted the case study previously.;Attachment Preview;casestudypj.doc;Project Management is an art or the science of planning, defining organizing and;executing all small components of the project. It is no routine part of daily business, it is a;venture that an organization takes from time to time. It involves hindrances from typical;management obstacles of budget and time. Since the involvement is so high, typically it;becomes very important that all critical time is devoted in managing the project. It becomes;imperative that all projects are managed efficiently and the project management guidelines;and framework is followed by the organization.;Issues;Personnel management has developed into human resource management over the;years. This has happened because organisations are now not run by only the set of few people;who calls all the decision. With geographical diversified base and employee strength ever;increasing it is now a whole circle that needs to be managed. Earlier few selected employees;and personnel used to be the key to the success of the organisation. With evolving times and;unions of workforce becoming stronger it has evolved into Human Resource Management.;Before developing a culture for an organization, it is very important to understand what;culture actually means. Culture is all about dealing with your staffs rather than your;customers. This leaves a very positive note on the minds of the staff as they feel respected;and being cared. Professional approaches to the non-performing side of the organisation were;needed and clear accountability for all employees had to be established to ensure that all;projects were properly staffed and completed on time and within budget.;Short Term Solution;Minimum criteria for employees should be set from the global headquarters and that;should be mandatory when selection procedure is done. After short listing the candidate on;the basis of minimum criteria, the next stage of evaluation should be completely based on the;requirement of the region and the desired profile that region is looking for. The legal;framework of the country should be kept in mind when the compensation plan for the country;is drawn and it should be stringent enough so that any loop holes are not left open. This will;make sure that the regional division of the organisation does not move into any kind of legal;proceedings.;Many of the organizations in the present scenario, has used the concept of selfmanaged teams successfully and effectively, but some of these were not able to convince;about of team value to their employees. The employees in many of such organizations feel;that co-operating the concept of self managed work team is analogous with the assistance of;their own execution. The concept of self-managed work teams is also opposed by the;supervisors of many organizations who do not intend to become the facilitators.;Long Term Solution;Conflicts are common in all organizations and occur when people fail to arrive at a;consensus regarding the organizational goals or the means to achieve them. Most of the;organizational conflicts could be classified into categories namely, Intrapersonal Conflict;Interpersonal Conflict and Intergroup Conflict. The conflict in the mind of Knowlton that has;been described in the case could be classified as Interpersonal conflict. Persons always try to;maintain their image and respect. When someone threatens their self-concept, they try to;retaliate and this leads to interpersonal conflict. Different individuals have different tolerance;levels, and this depends on their personalities. Individual with low tolerance levels get into;interpersonal conflicts frequently. Often, interpersonal conflicts are the result of differences;in perception and gap in the communication.;There is a well designed employee appraisal program which looks into the various;aspects of appraisal of any employee. Employees engagement is another crucial factor.;Employees should believe in work that they are doing and should always feel good about it.;They should also understand the issues and problems confronting the company and work in;harmony to overcome such obstacles.;Since culture is all about managing people, hence it is imperative to have the right;person at the right job. Therefore, recruitment is considered to be the most critical. It chooses;people who are optimistic, humble, passionate and enthusiastic. It uses behavioural event;interviewing as one of its recruitment process, where applicants are asked questions that;would help them align their behaviours and motivations with that of the various competencies;listed in its personality template. It is also important to get a team of motivated people on;board who are committed, self motivated and respect their job. Employees engagement is;another crucial factor. Employees should believe in work that they are doing and should;always feel good about it.


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