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Notebook Computers Prediction:




Notebook Computers Prediction;Experts predict that notebook computers soon will have 10 times the power of a current personal computer, with a touch sensitive color screen on which one can write or draw with a stylus or type when a program displays a keyboard. Each will have a small, compact, rewritable, removable CD-ROM that can store the equivalent of an encyclopedia set. In addition, the computers will have voice-recognition capabilities, including the ability to record sound and give voice responses to questions. The computer will be able to carry on a dialogue by voice, graphics, typed words, and displayed video graphics. Thus, affordable computers will be about the size of a thick pad of letter paper, and just as portable and convenient, but with the intelligence of a computer and the multimedia capabilities of a television set.;?Based on this description,develop an analysis of the impacts such a development would have on corporate sales;?List uses that this type of computer could support for Corporate Sales;?Explain why you think the impact will or will not occur, cite sources when necessary, and justify your position using APA format.


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