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Read the following news story at,




Read the following news story at, involving a breach of contract.;For this assignment, answer the following questions based on the above news story;Breach of Contract;(1) How the contract was allegedly breached;(2) What defenses may be available to the defendant, and;(3) What remedy (or remedies) may be available to the Plaintiff.;Paper Submissions;APA manuscript style dictates how your paper should appear on the page. For more information on APA style, visit;There are two types of APA manuscripts: copy manuscripts (those submitted for publication) and final manuscripts (those not submitted for publication). Copy manuscripts are much more formal and may contain multiple sections. Specifically, they will have an abstract (a one-paragraph summary of the paper). The papers you produce for most Kaplan University classes will be final manuscripts. Unlike copy manuscripts, final manuscripts do not, unless specifically required by an instructor, require an abstract. They do include;A title page;The paper itself (the "discussion");A references page


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