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The charges to Work in Process?Assembly Department...




The charges to Work in Process?Assembly Department for a period, together with information concerning production, are as follows. All direct materials are placed in process at the beginning of production. Work in Process-Assembly Department Bal. 4,000 units,35% completed9,590/finish gd92,200 units Direct materials, 94,000 units @ $1.75 164,500 Direct labor 134,800 Factory overhead 52,020 Bal.? units, 45% completed ? a. Based on the above data, determine the different costs listed below. For #4, enter your answer to two decimal places. For example, $8.345 would be entered as 8.35. 1. Cost of beginning work in process inventory completed this period: 2. Cost of units transferred to finished goods during the period: 3. Cost of ending work in process inventory: 4. Cost per unit of the completed beginning work in process inventory, rounded to the nearest cent:,When I entered $3.60 I get Incorrect. The per unit cost of the beginning work in process inventory equals the conversion cost per equivalent unit times the number of equivalent units for conversion costs added to the beginning balance of the Work in Process Inventory, divided by the number of whole units.


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