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You are the warehouse manager of a company that manufactures




You are the warehouse manager of a company that manufactures and sells electrical and electronics goods. When you took charge as a manager a few months ago you noticed that almost all of the employees of the shipping section are people of color, whereas, the employees of the packaging section are all white.;Occasionally there are some problems at the interface of the shipping section and the packaging section. You are convinced that these problems would gradually escalate over a period of time.;Typically problems arise during periods when orders for shipping are high and/or inventories are low. Upon inquiry you find that most details are quite hazy. You learn that this differentiation has developed over the years as a result of a few disagreements and fights between the employees working in the two sections. While the issues of the initial fights were all job-related and perhaps personality related, the acrimony that developed as a result degenerated into a racial and ethnic differentiation over a period of time. Outside of work you haven't found any significant differentiations between employees of the two sections.;Analyze the various possible factors that have caused this to occur.;Do you think this differentiation across the two sections should be continued? What other options are possible? Provide a detailed plan of action for the option you prefer.;2) One of the fifteen employees of the department that you manage has recently reported on another employee who had been involved in a serious fraud. As a result, the latter was fired. However, relations between the "snitch" and the others have become very strained and he is almost isolated within the department.;What steps would you take to re-establish and preserve the cohesiveness of the group?


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