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Greg invites his supervisor (Leslie) and two other colleagues




Greg invites his supervisor (Leslie) and two other colleagues (Wanda and Eileen) to go fishing on his boat. While fishing, they have some beers. Eileen gets so drunk that she falls overboard. Greg, Leslie and Wanda rescue Eileen with the help of the harbor police. Leslie reports the incident to management of the company, which opens an investigation. Greg refuses to cooperate and is disciplined.;A.Greg has a privacy right to keep silent because the incident happened at a social occasion and away from the work place.;B.Greg has a 5th Amendment right not to cooperate because the information that he provides might be used against him by the company in a disciplinary proceeding.;C.Greg's rights have not been violated because the company has legitimate business reasons for seeking information about the fishing incident.;D. Although Greg's right to privacy has been violated, the company can discipline him based on the information that it gets from Leslie, Wanda and Eileen


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