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The organisation that i selected is Three Mobile. How they managing the time?




The organisation that i selected is Three Mobile.;How they managing the time?;You may using the term of Customer response time, Manufacturing cycle time, Manufacturing cycle efficiency, On-time performance or other may referred to this topic;Attachment Preview;Topic.docx;For each topic students are required to find and research a global organization of your;choice. Please ensure that the organization you choose has sufficient information;about it (i.e. website and annual report and so forth) to satisfactorily meet the;requirements of you allocated topic.;Managing Customers and Time (Custom Pub. Chap.10, pp.396-405 and;Chap.16, pp.646-651);Based on the organization that you have selected, identify and describe their;customers. Using one of Porters competitive forces, namely Bargaining Power of;Customers, determine the extent to which the organizations customers have the;ability to influence your organization. Discuss and evaluate the organizations;customer relation management, how they create value (e.g. costs, time, and other;sources of customer value) for their customers, make recommendations based on your;evaluation as to how your organization could increase the value created for their;customers. Finally, comment on the relevance and usefulness of the information that;you find in relation to theoretical concepts (for example, customer profitability;analyses) concerning their management of customers.


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