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Kiefer goes to Palmer?s Fine Cabinetry, LLC.




Kiefer goes to Palmer?s Fine Cabinetry, LLC. Kiefer is looking to get new kitchen cabinets made and installed in his home. He speaks with Palmer, the owner. Palmer shows him the various choices in woods, stains, and the like. Palmer explains how all his cabinets are persoanlly handcrafted. ?I learned how to make cabinets from a man named Marwan? he is the best in the business. In fact, I even have a special technique I use for dove-tailing the drawers... it means the joints will stay tight forever, and the cabinets will last longer than your house itself! See... let me show you how it looks.?;Kiefer was impressed when he saw what the special dove-tailed joints looked like, and he was impressed with Palmer?s qualifications. Kiefer then picks out what he likes, and pays the amount due in full: $18,500.;On the day of installation, Palmer is not there. Rather, it is his assistant named Logan. This does not necessarily bother Kiefer, but during chit-chat with Logan, he learns that Logan built the cabinets? not Palmer.;This makes Kiefer mad. He told his daughter, Kim: ?You know, that Palmer is a real snake. I mean, the cabinets look like he built them... and the dove-tails that Logan used sure look about the same quality... but it just isn?t right that Palmer told me he would build the cabinets personally. Should I sue him? If I did, would I win??;You are Kim. Thoroughly answer your father?s question


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