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Jenna?s automobile insurance policy with GEICO states under the




Jenna?s automobile insurance policy with GEICO states under the ?Medical Payments? section: ?If any insured person is injured in an accident and wishes to claim benefits under this section of the policy, he/she must agree to be examined by a physician of GEICO?s choosing, and at GEICO?s expense, prior to filing suit against GEICO for any alleged breach of contract.? This is an example of a;a. Novation clause;b. Condition precedent;c. Condition subsequent;d. Constrapulation;e. None of the above;Stephanie wants to buy Rocco?s one-of-a-kind original Batmobile car from the 1960's Batman TV show. Rocco and Stephanie enter into a written contract for the sale of the car, but unknown to them, the car was set on fire and destroyed by the Penguin while they were negotiating the purchase price. This is an example of;a. Piercing the corporate veil;b. Novation;c. Impossibility;d. Strict performance;e. Consideration;Article II of the UCC regulates the sale of which of the following?;a. Real estate;b. Haircuts;c. Contracts;d. Tennis balls


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