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Many times situations present themselves that do not




Many times situations present themselves that do not have clear yes and no answers. The situation is concerned with managing polarities, between the larger picture and the detailed situation, between the written contract and actual expectations, between unit expectations versus the corporate expectations.;Assignment 1 | Case Study | Margo;Review Case Study A -- Is Margo too Macro? (Found on p. 128 in the textbook).;View the website tutorial on polarity management: a link to this site can be found to the left.;Apply the polarities model to the Case Study A on p. 128.;? What polarities might be inherent in the optimum way Margo currently manages her employees?;? What recommendations might you make to Margo to better lead and mange her team?;? What recommendations might your make to Laura Gordon to help Margo be a more effective leader?


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