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As a consultant who is an expert in GCSR, Merck




As a consultant who is an expert in GCSR, Merck has asked that you review its strategic implementation for the drug Vioxx.;Assignment Checklist;Did Merck act in a socially and fiscally responsible manner with regard to Vioxx?;In drug development and testing?;In marketing and advertizing?;In relationships with government regulators and policymakers?;In handling the recall?;How would you change any of the present systems to better protect patients?;Instructions for Creating the Report;Prepare a paper conveying the results of your evaluation of their current systems and actions in relation to what you believe a socially and fiscally responsible company should have done in such a situation.;Evaluate all four of their processes individually;(1);development and testing;(2);marketing and advertising;(3);relationships with the government regulators and policy makers, and;(4);handling of the recall.;Last, they want you to suggest any way in which you see they can change their present system in order to better protect patients.;This is a confidential report so address it only to the board of directors and do not speak of it with others. You were required to sign a confidentiality agreement before being selected for this consultancy position.;this paper is 5-6 pages long.;Attachment Preview


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