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The owners of XYZ Construction, Inc. realize that they need to




The owners of XYZ Construction, Inc. realize that they need to modernize their technology and information management system within the company in order to make the company more attractive for its IPO. Additionally, the owners see a value in using quantitative techniques to measure customer satisfaction, service quality, Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) workforce compliance, and new market evaluation.;Specifically, the company owners want you to describe, discuss, and analyze the steps needed to plan, implement, evaluate, and control new technology that will help them transform from a privately-held regional company to a publicly-owned international company. The owners also desire information regarding techniques, processes, and procedures associated with quantitatively measuring and evaluating several key business functions. The owners have asked you to prepare a PowerPoint presentation for this requirement.;For this fifth assignment your requirement is to develop a PowerPoint presentation where you describe, discuss, and analyze the aforementioned topics identified by the owners of XYZ Construction, Inc.;Within the presentation, you must describe, discuss, and analyze the following information management and quantitative techniques/statistics relative to this horizontal construction company;1. Planning for Technology;2. Implementing a Technology System or Change;3. Technology Evaluation and Control;4. Descriptive statistics that you will obtain and use in tabular, graphical, and numeric formats for construction company management;5. Hypotheses testing that could be used to better quantify such key business operations including employee morale and culture, quality, customer satisfaction, and new market evaluation


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