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The hotel has decided upon a new incentives program.




The hotel has decided upon a new incentives program. It has focused on 3 options for incentives;A - Points when the consumer books a room online and completes the stay.;B - Points when the consumer makes a purchase in the hotel?s restaurants or store.;C - Entry into a sweepstakes whenever the consumer stays a night.;If the hotel chooses option C (the sweepstakes entry), it will award a prize to 1 in every 1,000 nights stayed. Based on the frequency that consumers stay at least 1 night, it is estimated the consumers will stay an average of 25 nights a year.;Determine the probability of each option being preferred by the consumer.;Determine the probability that an individual consumer will receive a prize over the course of a year.;How can each of these methods help businesses and managers make decisions? 250 words


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