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MBA Focus Paper: Trend Micro




MBA Focus Paper: Trend Micro;Trend Micro is an Internet antivirus software company. The main virus response center is in the Philippines, where engineers work evening and midnight shifts as needed. Other labs are scattered from Munich to Tokyo. The financial headquarters is in Tokyo, where it went public, product development is in PhD-rich Taiwan, and most of its sales are in Silicon Valley inside the giant American market.;Trend Micro is a global company that is growing, but lately the CEO has begun to think that maybe the company needs regional headquarter sites as well.;In addition, critics of the company claim that the wrong kind of technology is being transferred to developing nations and that the company is not substantially increasing employment in these lesser developed countries. Furthermore, some critics claim that the company is taking more wealth from these lesser developed nations than it brings to them. The CEO thinks marketing should be able to handle and avert these criticisms. Marketing claims that there is nothing it can do.;You have been designated by the CEO to head up this global team to address these concerns. Submit the following assignment checklist items as evidence of your ability to work effectively across functional and geographical boundaries of the organization on this corporate assignment.;Assignment Checklist;Include the following documentation in your final submission to the Dropbox.;1. Exhibit in an organizational chart which departments you will source your team from and why.;2. Categorize what information you will need from each team member to address the problems of;a) headquarters designation and organization of Trend Micro going forward;b) increasing employment in lesser developed countries;c) Increasing the positive press coverage on your initiatives;d) addressing the concern about technology transfer to developing nations;3. Plan a process for meeting/communicating and working across functional and geographic boundaries. What communication channels;does the team recommend to keep people talking across time and space? How will you deal with different cultural beliefs related to the concept of time, teamwork, authority, and the perception of deadlines?;4. Devise a list of deliverables and a timeline? take into account different time zones, formats, expectations, etc. How will you deal with different cultural beliefs related to the concept of time, teamwork, authority, and perception of deadlines?;Submission;Adhere to the current APA format and style as supported by Kaplan University.;The paper should be double-spaced and at least five (5) written pages in length.;Include a formal introduction and conclusion as well.;Use at least three (3) outside peer review resources to validate your arguments.


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