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If Chester Corp. were to buy all of it's shares outstanding at




If Chester Corp. were to buy all of it's shares outstanding at its current price, how much would it cost Chester Corp, excluding brokerage fees?;Select: 1;$304 million;$96 million;$207 million;$27 million;Attachment Preview;Cherster report round 4.docx;Annual Report;Data on pg 2;Chester;Round: 3Dec. 31;2013;Balance Sheet;D;DEFINITIONS: Common Size: The common;size column simply represents each item as a;percentage of total assets for that year. Cash;Your end-of-year cash position. Accounts;Receivable: Reflects the lag between delivery;and payment of your products. Inventories;The current value of your inventory across all;products. A zero indicates your company;stocked out. Unmet demand would, of course;fall to your competitors. Plant & Equipment;The current value of your plant. Accum;Deprec: The total accumulated depreciation;from your plant. Accts Payable: What the;company currently owes suppliers for;materials and services. Current Debt: The;debt the company is obligated to pay during;the next year of operations. It includes;emergency loans used to keep your company;solvent should you run out of cash during the;year. Long Term Debt: The company's long;term debt is in the form of bonds, and this;represents the total value of your bonds.;Common Stock: The amount of capital;invested by shareholders in the company.;Retained Earnings: The profits that the;company chose to keep instead of paying to;shareholders as dividends.;ASSETS;CommonSize;Cash;$35,517;Accounts;Receivable;$16,997;Inventory;$14,879;Total Current Assets;$67,393;Plant & Equipment;$153,600;Accumulated;Depreciation;($56,867);Total Fixed Assets;Total Assets;LIABILITIES;OWNERS' EQUITY;$96,733;$164,127;Cash Flow Statement;ent examines what happened in the Cash;r. Cash injections appear as positive numbers;s negative numbers. The Cash Flow;nt tool for diagnosing emergency loans. When;ceed positives, you are forced to seek;r example, if sales are bad and you find;undance of excess inventory, the report would;ventory as a huge negative cash flow. Too;ntory could outstrip your inflows, exhaust your Cash Flows from Operating;you to beg for money to keep your company Activities;2013;2012;Net Income (Loss);$27,094;$15,045;Depreciation;$10,240;$7,973;$0;$0;Extraordinary;gains/losses/writeoffs;2013 Income Statement;CommonSiz;e;ar;Cid;Coat;Cure;Na;Na;Na;Na 2013Total;09;$46,385;$44,976;$56,927;$0;$0;$0;$0;$206,797;100.0%;85;$9,494;$8,644;$11,251;$0;$0;$0;$0;$43,074;20.8%;97;$19,942;$17,237;$22,591;$0;$0;$0;$0;$82,168;39.7%;98;$143;$626;$718;$0;$0;$0;$0;$1,785;0.9%;81;$29,580;$26,508;$34,560;$0;$0;$0;$0;$127,028;61.4%;29;$16,805;$18,468;$22,367;$0;$0;$0;$0;$79,769;38.6%;73;$1,813;$2,607;$2,947;$0;$0;$0;$0;$10,240;5.0%;58;$655;$510;$571;$0;$0;$0;$0;$2,595;1.3%;50;$1,350;$1,350;$1,350;$0;$0;$0;$0;$5,400;2.6%;sales times list price. Direct Labor: Labor costs incurred to produce;ld. Inventory Carry Cost: the cost to carry unsold goods in;n: Calculated on straight-line 15-year depreciation of plant value.;rtment expenditures for each product. Admin;at 1.5% of sales. Promotions: The promotion budget for each;les force budget for each product. Other: Charges not included in;s Fees, Write Offs, and TQM. The fees include money paid to;Other;d brokerage firms to issue new stocks or bonds plus consulting fees;sess. Write-offs include the loss you might experience when you sell;entory as the result of eliminating a production line. If the amount;amount, then you actually made money on the liquidation of capacity;EBIT;nings Before Interest and Taxes. Short Term Interest;year's current debt, including short term debt, long term notes that;emergency loans. Long Term Interest: Interest paid on outstanding;tax based upon a 35% tax rate. Profit Sharing;bor contract. Net Profit: EBIT minus interest, taxes, and profit;Short Term Interest;LongTerm Interest;Taxes;Profit Sharing;Net Profit;$6,768;3.3%;$49,219;23.8%;$2,175;1.1%;$4,511;2.2%;$14,887;7.2%;$553;0.3%;$27,094;13.1%


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