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Pepsico and coka-cola, continue effort to gain market share




Pepsico and coka-cola, continue effort to gain market share. which do you prefer, coke or pepsi? looking at the companies from financial perpective rather than drink preference.;Questions below;1, based on your analysis, determine which company is better able to pay current liabilies.explain your rationale.;2, Determine what profitability ratios can tell you about a company's performance and how that information would influence investing decisions.;3, Determine which financial rations you would use and how you would use them to determine which company has the most satisfied stockholders.;4, Create a list of financial based guidelines that you should follow when selecting which of these two companies to invest in.;5, Determine which single piece of non financial data is the most important to consider when making decision about whether or not to invest in accompany. Explain your rationale, go to; and coca-cola 2009 Annual report at http://www.cce2009annualreport,com/.for review.type double space, times New Roman font(size 12) one inc margin on all APA format, with references.


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